the project

  • McCall’s Magazine, November 1958, covering the 1958 Commencement House
  • Duke Electric Circular, Autumn 1958, focused on the design process for the 1958 Commencement House
  • Living for Young Homemakers Magazine, October 1959, looking at the efforts of students to design the 1959 Commencement House
  • Gardening Living Outdoors, Fall/Winter 1967, featuring the Hyman Residence on its front cover
  • Brides Magazine, Spring 1965, with coverage on the 1965 Commencement House

awards + publications

Several of Loewenstein’s mid-century Modern designs found their way onto the pages of the Greensboro Daily News, and into the national design scene as features in The New York Times Magazine, Good Housekeeping, The Southern Architect, Better Homes and Gardens, Popular Gardening, Living Outdoors, Masonry Building Magazine, House and Garden, and Architectural Record. Designs for the Carter Residence, the Bessemer Improvement Company Building, the Dixon-Christopher Office, and the Woman’s College Physical Education Building were all published in 1952-53 in Architectural Record. The Commencement Houses were featured in the pages of McCall’s Magazine, Living for Young Home Makers, and Bride’s Magazine.

The North Carolina American Institute of Architects bestowed a 1955 Honor Award (with special commendation) to both the Martha and Wilbur Carter House (1950-1951) and the David D. Jones Elementary School (1954) and an Honor Award to the Bessemer Office Building (1955).

modernism in greensboro
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