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  • Fallingwater, Bear Run, PA : Frank Lloyd Wright, 1936-1939 [gbc]
  • Walter Gropius House, Lincoln, MA : Walter Gropius, 1938 [gbc]
  • Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills, MI : Eliel Saarinen, 1942 [gbc]
  • Edith Farnsworth House, Plano, IL : Mies van der Rohe, 1951 [gbc]
  • TWA Terminal, New York, NY : Eero Saarinen, 1956-1962 [gbc]

modernism in the u.s.

The immigration of designers from Europe before, during, and after World War II spread the tenets of Modernism to the United States, and these newly American designers proved to be central definers of mid-century Modern. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Walter Gropius, and Marcel Breuer, each prominent designers at the Bauhaus in Europe, took positions at design schools – Mies van der Rohe at the Illinois Institute of Technology in 1940, Gropius and Breuer in architecture at Harvard in the late 1930s. Eliel Saarinen and Eero Saarinen, father and son, found their way by the mid-1940s to Cranbrook Academy in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, changing the design programs and training countless Modernists. All of these designers defined what was appropriate through their own work and through the students they taught. As those students graduated, they constituted a whole new generation of designers who attempted new variations on Modernism in defining American architecture on a world stage, Edward Loewenstein was among them.

international modernism
modernism in the u.s.
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modernism in greensboro
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