the project

  • Gregory Ivy, ca. 1959 [wcj]
  • Sarah Hunter Kelly, ca. 1970 [nyt]
  • Otto Zenke, ca. 1955 [gdn]
  • Squires Residence living room, built by Superior Construction Company, Eugene Gulledge, President [wcj]
  • Stern Residence living room, with furnishings specified by Sarah Hunter Kelly [ctb]
  • Davidson Residence dining room, appointments by Otto Zenke [pll]
  • Greensboro Public Library bas-relief, design by Gregory Ivy [iar]


Loewenstein, shortly after moving to town, began a career on his own, but community circumstances offered the opportunity to join in a temporary partnership with prominent architect Charles Hartmann, Jr. They together designed the North Carolina Convalescent Hospital (1948) in response to a polio epidemic that swept the city and the resultant need for health care facilities to house those recovering from the disease.

From firm correspondence of the mid-1940s, it is clear that Loewenstein attempted to establish partnerships with two New York firms, Peter Copeland (Albany) and Telchin and Campanella Architects (New York City), and forged unsuccessful collaborations with several NCSU School of Design faculty members in the early 1950s. With Robert A. Atkinson, Jr., Loewenstein launched his most successful partnership and, for two decades, this well-respected and influential firm in Greensboro produced close to 1600 commercial and residential commissions, mainly throughout Greensboro and Guilford County. The firm opened a series of satellite offices in Burlington, Martinsville, Danville, and Raleigh, the lattermost associated with Edward Waugh.

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